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I have a passion for helping you live a healther, happier life. My goal as a personal trainer is to make exercise an enjoyable experience for you! Exercise has changed my life for the better and I want you to feel the same way!

I was never fond of exercise or sports growing up. It wasn’t until I started swimming that I began to love working out. It made me healthier, stronger, and more confident. Seeing this change in myself sparked my desire to become a personal trainer.

I’m here to help you every step of the way. If you’re ready to change your health with a fun but challenging program, then this is the perfect step for you. Whether as a personal trainer, fitness coach, or gym buddy, I’m here to help you!

Lets start making moves, not excuses!

Training Programs Customized Just For You

Burn Fat

Burn fat and gain muscle in a fun way. Get in your best shape so that you can become more confident. Look good AND feel good.

Customized Program

Programs are customized specifically for your needs. Enjoy a workout fit to your exact body and prepared to give you the maximum results. Never worry about what to do, I will take care of that for you!

Engaging Workouts

With fun and engaging workouts, you won't realize it's work! Enjoy watching yourself progress and grow to become a better version of yourself! As a personal trainer, I want you to enjoy what you do and learn to love being healthy.

Transform Yourself

Be confident, fit, and happy with your body. Your fitness journey starts when you take the step. Reach your maximum potential so that you can feel happier looking in the mirror!


60 Min 1 on 1 Sessions

Personal Training
$ 125 for 1 session
  • 6 sessions - $720
  • 12 sessions - $1380
  • 24 sessions - $2640

Online Training Programs

Workout Plans
$ 150 for a 4 week plan
  • 4 weeks - $150
  • 8 weeks - $290
  • 12 weeks - $420


Judd Lather
Judd Lather
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Marie's been training me from a distance, she's in the Bay Area while I'm in San Diego, for about nine months now. I'm down about 30 pounds with much more strength and stamina than I had when we started. Her workouts are tailored to my needs, time available, and equipment. She's been more than willing to adjust exercises based on my feedback and is excellent at mixing up routines on a monthly basis so I don't get bored doing the same things over and over again. Her workout routines include pictures and animated GIFs, so I have good references for each exercise, especially when they're new to me. Overall, I've been very happy with my results and the work and attention Marie has put into my training regimen.
Marianne Medrano
Marianne Medrano
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Training with Marie is overall a great experience. I like having someone make gym routines for me to follow at my own schedule and own pace. Move.with.Marie gave me more flexibility with my ever changing schedule. She is very responsive to questions and advised me when I was unsure with what I was doing. Through this training method, I practiced exercise I already knew, learned new ones, and had fun throughout! Marie adjusted my difficulty on exercises I felt I could go harder and gave me alternatives when I was struggling. Thanks for helping me get stronger!
Meera Shankar
Meera Shankar
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I've had the pleasure of training with Marie for a few years...what started as her filling in for a trainer who left unannounced, has since blossomed into a trusting professional relationship, and a hilarious friendship. My schedule is demanding and in constant flux. The flexibility Marie has shown me has not gone unnoticed. Her kind, empathic approach to training is only enhanced by a (shared and quirky) sense of humor. When she left the Club in Northern California I was both saddened and excited for her new chapter. Thanks to Quarantine, we have rekindled our "love" through regular training sessions. Thank you Marie - for everything!!
Jared Vincenti
Jared Vincenti
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Marie is positive, knowledgeable, and reliable. She brings a great attitude and encouragement, and works with you to set goals and meet them!

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