Adjusting To Our New Normal

Hello friends!

We’re living in some funky uncertain times, and I want to give some tips on what I’ve been doing to adjust to our new normal. These have helped me a lot, and I hope they can help you too!

1. Sleep and wake up at the same time – Having a regular sleep and wake schedule will help you establish a set schedule for the rest of the day. It will also allow you to get the same amount of sleep each night and keep your circadian rhythm or internal clock regulated. It can even prevent you from feeling fatigued throughout the day since you’re sleeping and waking at the same times.

2. Establish a routine – I know a lot of us are working from home, however, working in this setting doesn’t have much structure. I have a morning routine of brushing my teeth, meditating, and praying before I start the rest of the day. In addition, I write to do lists and prioritize them based on importance. I then tackle each thing one at a time. You can even schedule out your time. For example 9 – 10 AM may be devoted to emails, 10 – 12 PM work, and 12 – 1 PM is a lunch break. Using alarms and timers for work have been beneficial for me as well.

3. Getting at least 30 minutes of activity everyday – Walking, stretching, body weight strength training, anything that gets your body up and moving for 30 minutes can help relieve stress, gets blood flowing, and brings those rush of feel good endorphins! Try squeezing some movement into your breaks!

4. Drinking lots of water – Now that we’re at home, there’s no excuse to not drink water enough water! I carry my 32 oz Hydroflask with me all the time. I typically aim for 2 Hydroflasks a day minimum. I drink 1 full one by 12 and another one by 6. Having a timer for drinking water can assist in upping your water intake.

5. Meditating – With all this uncertainty, there can be looming anxiety. I allow time to meditate to help me relax as well as give myself much needed me time. It can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour long, whatever time you can fit it in. It’s more important to get meditating in than how long you meditate for. I like to do it first thing in the morning and right before bed. I currently use the app Headspace so you can try that or other apps. Even using your phone timer and meditating to silence or calming music works just fine!

6. Reaching out to friends and family – We’re all in this together so phone or video chat with friends and family! Rant about how you feel, laugh at stupid jokes, or even play games. Connecting with others especially during this time is so important. I went on Houseparty with my cousins and aunt and had the absolute best time!

7. Doing something you’ve been putting off – Some of us have been blessed with extra time. What is something you’ve been putting off because you didn’t have the “time” to do it? I’ve been posting more, spending more time outside, coloring, and reading. I have also dedicated more time to self care like taking baths or using face masks.

8. Limit time spent on news and social media – Limiting how much time watching the news and being on social media will help lessen the anxiety around this situation. It can be overwhelming and cause more stress than necessary. Allow more posititvity and good vibes by bringing your attention to them, whether it’s doing something for yourself or connecting with someone virtually.

9. Removing distractions – Being at home, we are filled with distractions – from our tv to phones to our beds. We can easily slip into our Netflix binges or naps. If possible, create a distraction free space devoted to work or remove those distractions while you’re working. I will log off my social media so that I will less likely go on since I have to sign back in again. I have also been using this focus app called Forest, where I set a certain time I want to work and during this time it will grow a virtual tree. If I try to escape this app, then my tree will die, and I definitely don’t want to kill me tree. It’s motivated me to not look at my apps.

10. Be Kind and Loving Towards Yourself – Remember you’re doing your best with what you have. Be kind, loving, and patient towards yourself. You got this!

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