Being Fit Isn’t Just About Working Out..

When we think of fitness, we mostly think of movement. We think of lifting, running, taking a fitness class, the list goes on and on. Fitness is more than just working out. It also includes nutrition and regeneration.

When I first started training at Equinox in 2017, their philosophy about fitness changed my perspective. They taught us the 3 pillars of health and fitness – movement, nutrition, and regeneration. Nutrition encompasses what we eat and drink. Regeneration is sleep and recovery. Having learned how all three pillars affect our fitness and performance, my mind was blown! I would teach this to all my clients. We focus so much on moving and having an amazing sweaty workout, that sometimes we forget to eat well and sleep well! I understand it can be difficult to do well in all 3 pillars, however, by doing so, one can be at their healthiest, fittest, and top performing self!

We may not be perfect at all 3, but we can at least try out best to nourish our body with healthy food, stay hydrated, get a good amount of sleep, and de-stress. Sometimes my clients are crushing their workouts, but their food and sleep may not be so great, so their results aren’t coming as quickly. It’s important to be aware of the things you do outside of your workout as well! The stress from work you’ve been experiencing? The lack of sleep? Not getting enough food to fuel your body? These all can impact your workouts and results.

Don’t be overwhelmed! I’d recommend choosing one thing you’d like to improve on and slowly work on it. For example, if you’re getting 6 hours of sleep, try going to sleep 30 minutes to an hour earlier. It’s all about the small steps which add to the bigger picture!

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