Weekly Inspiration

As the month goes on, each week has gradually gotten busier for me. It’s great, and I love what I do, whether it’s training clients, working on projects, or my own personal training. Lately, I have noticed I do have my days where I’m lacking inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite things that … Read more

First Quarter Recap

It’s already April?! My mind is blown thinking about how we’re already 4 months into 2021, and the first quarter of this year is officially done! Reflecting back on the past few months, I’ve set myself up for more success in this next quarter. I have my Strongfirst kettlebell level 2 certification this weekend! I’ve … Read more

Ways to Stay Motivated

I have less than a week before Strongfirst kettlebell level 2! There were definitely a few weeks where I was feeling so unmotivated and tired when it comes to my workouts and even my nutrition. Here are some things I’ve been doing to help me stay dialed in and “reel” it back in when I … Read more

Spring Cleaning: Your Space

This is by far my favorite thing to clean – my own personal space. I see my home as a sacred space where I can relax or entertain loved ones so I love keeping it clean. I am also a firm believer your physical world can affect your emotional world. When I’m stressed, I love … Read more

Scheduling “Me Time”

I recently learned a lesson about prioritizing myself. I am my most important client, and a few weeks ago I certainly didn’t treat myself as such. I felt really anxious and scattered. My attention was divided everywhere – from family, friends, and other clients. My energy was dispersed. As a coach, I understand the importance … Read more

5 Things I Do To Stay Organized

I love cleanliness and organization. I’m not sure if it’s my perfectionist ways or my Virgo rising (if you believe in that), but staying organized and on top of things has been crucial to my entrepreneurship. Here are 5 things I like to do to stay organized: Keep things in the same spot. All my … Read more

How To Take Control Of Your Sunday

The term “Sunday Scaries” has been thrown around quite a bit. It’s the anxiety, fear, and stress of coming back to Monday and the work week. How do we combat this and take control of our Sunday? Here are some things I like to do to help with that: Prepare for the work week – … Read more

Tips For Staying Productive

As a trainer, I have sessions throughout my day and not everyday is the same. I live by my Google calendar, and now that I am working virtually from home, there have been more distractions to combat. It’s been nearly a year of WFH, and after some trial and error and a lot of discipline, … Read more

Red – Yellow – Green Light Foods

We’ve been conditioned to label foods as “good” or “bad,” however, from my Precision Nutrition certification, I learned to label foods as red, yellow, or green light foods.  Red light foods are foods that are a “no go.” They could be foods that make us sick, eat too much of, or something we need to … Read more