How I Balance My Training Program

When it came to preparing for my Strongfirst certification, my friends Courtney, Taylor, and I followed the Strongfirst level 2 prep guide on their website coupled with my low intensity steady state cardio and high intensity interval training days for my cut. 

This training program involves a lot of overhead movements/vertical pushes. My shoulders have become so strong and stable, however, vertical pushing is only one of the functional movements your body can perform. It is key to exercise in all movement patterns and planes of motion or else imbalances can be created and injuries may occur. Here are some ways I incorporate other movements into my training: 

  • Vertical Pulls – Lat pulldowns, pull ups, chin ups, & dead hangs with scapular depression/elevation
  • Horizontal Pulls – Cable seated row, TRX row, single arm row, & bentover row
  • Horizontal Pushes – Push ups, bench press, cable chest press, & tricep dips
  • Knee Dominant – Squats, lunges, and split squats
  • Hip Dominant – Deadlifts, single leg deadlifts, glute bridges, & hip thrusts
  • Core – Bird dogs, planks, & side planks

Keep in mind the other movements and muscles your body has! It’s about creating balance and strength throughout your entire body.

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