How To Stay Motivated In The Winter

Hi fitness family! I can’t believe we’re already in December! Winter is December 21st, which means it’s only going to get colder and darker. Here are some tips to stay motivated to work out during the winter time!

  1. Music – Find or make a really good playlist for your workouts!
  2. Work out with a friend – Having someone working out with you can help hold both of you accountable and make it more enjoyable!
  3. Sign up for a fitness class or personal training sessions – Attending a class or working out with a trainer will definitely hold you accountable. It also allows you to schedule out a time to work out!
  4. Find an ideal time to work out – If you’re not a morning person, you don’t need to work out in the morning. The best time to work out is the time you make for it!
  5. Something is better than nothing – If you can only work out or move for 10-20 minutes a day, then I’d rather have that than you not working out at all.
  6. Try fun activities – Give this season a chance to try new activities, whether it’s snow sports or indoor activities like bowling or basketball. Working out doesn’t always have to be weights or cardio. Sometimes it’s just getting some movement in!
  7. Get some sunshine during the day. Some of us get SAD (seasonal affective disorder), so it’s very important for us to get outside and get some sun!

I hope these tips help. Try them out and let me know how they go! For more tips, sign up for my weekly newsletter and follow me on my social media accounts!

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