How To Take Control Of Your Sunday

The term “Sunday Scaries” has been thrown around quite a bit. It’s the anxiety, fear, and stress of coming back to Monday and the work week. How do we combat this and take control of our Sunday? Here are some things I like to do to help with that:

  1. Prepare for the work week – set aside your outfit and what you need
  2. Block out time for leisurely activities, work preparation, etc
  3. Do something fun that day
  4. Do a brain dump – write everything in a journal and get it all out
  5. Meditate or do breathing exercises
  6. Get outside/work out
  7. Spend time with family or friends (in person or virtual)
  8. Take a short nap if necessary
  9. Get a good amount of sleep Sunday night
  10. Embrace Sunday as a beautiful start to the week, and Monday is another day to get things done!
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