Importance of a De-Load Week

With my Strongfirst certification and training over, I am now getting back into training with other equipment like barbells and dumbbells and cardio like hiking. Generally when it comes to training, I create training programs with cycles that last 4 – 6 weeks. After the cycle is over, I have a de-load week. I’m still working out but at a lower intensity. Instead of going at 70 – 100% effort, I go at 50 – 60% of my usual effort. 

Having a de-load really depends on how intensely you’ve been training. The purpose of a de-load week is to allow your body to recover before moving on to the next cycle. With Strongfirst, it involved training endurance, power, and overhead movements. Throughout the 6 months of training, I had multiple de-load weeks to give my body ample time to recover. 

Now that training is over, I have been taking it easy and letting my body rest. I’m incorporating more equipment and exercises such as cable rows, pull downs, and elliptical. My focus is more on getting blood flowing and moving around while giving my body the recovery it needs. It’s not always about going hard all the time. Your body isn’t a machine, and it needs to recharge. Remember to listen to your body and give it the respect and love it deserves!

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