Meal Prepping Tips

It wasn’t until I became a trainer that I really started meal prepping. Cooking takes time, but it’s so nice and worth it when you have all your food ready for the week! It beats having to buy food frequently, and you know exactly what’s in it since you’re cooking it!

  • Plan Your Meals – Figure out which meals you’d like to make. I like having my favorite staples like ground turkey and quinoa or rice.
  • Designate A Day/Time To Cook – Meal prepping takes time but is so worth it! Schedule out a day and time to make most if not all your meals for the week.
  • Find Recipes Online or From Friends – I love finding recipes on Instagram or Pinterest or what my friends suggest! They’re generally really easy and tasty.
  • Get Durable Tupperware – Invest in some good tupperware! It goes a long way to pack your food in containers and bring it with you. You can also invest in a good lunch bag to keep everything cool/warm.
  • Have Variety – Are you eating the rainbow or have you been eating the same thing for weeks? It’s nice to change up your meals from week to week so you can get different nutrients and not get bored of your food.

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