My First Year In LA

Hi guys, I am back on the blogging scene! I apologize for being MIA. I got caught up with everything going on and neglected blogging regularly so I am officially back! To kick things off, I wanted to write about my first year here in the City of Angels. It’s been a little over a year, and a lot has changed about me and my life. I have always wanted to move here because 1 – the weather is gorgeous and I love beaches. 2 – The fitness industry is booming here 3 – I wanted to experience a new place and LA seemed to be calling my name. It was definitely more than just a change of scenery for me. I’d like to think we’re like plants. I was flourishing where I was, but I was also outgrowing the pot I was in (to all my Schitts’ Creek fans out there you’ll know this reference.) It was time for me to be replanted in a bigger pot so I had more room to grow, take root, sprout leaves, and bloom!

Of course this wasn’t going to be an easy task, and as excited as I was to start a new adventure, I was also absolutely terrified. As a trainer, I knew I’d have to start from scratch. The idea of having to build my business again in an entirely new place scared me. I was starting from ground zero. Fortunately, I do have some family and friends living in LA, but I’d be hundreds of miles away from home, my immediate family, and my closest friends. In addition, I’d have to say goodbye to the clients I had been training for months and some for years. I remember the wave of emotions – anxiety, excitedness, happiness, and sadness, but I knew it was time for me to embark on a different journey. I had been living at home all my life (FYI CA is super expensive and I went to a local state school for my bachelor’s) so I was now embracing my independence full on.

The first few months were slightly challenging and a bit of a learning curve. Everything was new and different, and it seemed so alien at first. I was getting used to doing things on my own and spending more time by myself. I lived with an amazing roommate so I wasn’t alone, but I had more time to myself than I have ever had before. My move also required me to figure things out like how to get to work, where to get an oil change/car wash, where the grocery store is, cook everything for myself or else I wouldn’t have anything to eat. It was simple things like this that I had now had to take responsibility for. I also had to pay rent and train enough clients to be able to pay that. I was put out of my comfort zone and required to grow.

I learned to be more business savvy, financially responsible, and all around independent. I also learned it’s okay to ask for help and if I ever needed help, that I could reach out to people. I even became more in tune with my emotions because my move was a huge change and especially being in a pandemic, I would cry and get upset or scared so now I’m more open and vulnerable. I am also more outgoing and open to meeting new people and doing new things. Before I would have my reservations, but once I moved, I wanted to meet as many people as I could and make as many friends here. In my year here I have met really awesome people, fellow trainers, and amazing clients. Finally, I also became my own best friend and really enjoy my own company. Who would’ve thought? From being scared of being lonely, I now cherish moments alone.

Sure, I spent quite a bit of my year in quarantine, but I’ve truly made the best of it. If I could survive my first big move all while a global pandemic is happening, then I can survive anything! Moving and while on lockdown, has taught me to truly live your life to the fullest and make the best out of any circumstance. I proved to myself that I can do what I set out to do and accomplish my dreams! As I sit here, typing this in my apartment, I am in awe and gratitude of who I am and where I am. I love it here! I enjoy every moment, and it feels right that I’m here. I urge those to pursue their dreams and take that leap of faith! If you’re itching to try something new or go someplace new, do it! You’d don’t know where it will take you or what it will bring!

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