My Fitness Journey

Hi fitness family! I wanted to take the time to talk about my fitness journey, specifically my journey working with kettlebells.

At the end of 2019, the gym I was working at was getting rid of their old kettlebells and replacing them with new ones. I was fortunate enough to get two kettlebells – a 10 kg (22 lb) and 12 kg (26 lb). A month later, my friend Taylor and I decided to try out some Strongfirst kettlebell workouts. The workouts were so difficult! We were only able to get through one or two sets and had to take so many breaks in between. The back of my forearms were also so bruised because of the kettlebell resting and landing on them.

A few months later, lockdown happened and the gyms were closed. Workout equipment ended up being so expensive or sold out so I was extremely grateful I had these kettlebells to get me through quarantine! Taylor and I would still do the kettlebell workouts at the park or via Zoom when Covid numbers were really high. We then decided we should just go for the Strongfirst kettlebell certification! We participated at the workshop in Tacoma in October 2020. Taylor passed, and I passed everything except the snatch test. I was so devastated at first, but once I got back to LA, I trained, recorded my snatches, and then passed! I was so happy and proud of myself!

Since we were already so fit, we decided to do the level 2 certification in April of 2021 with our friend Courtney! We had a blast training, going through the workshop, and passing! Now it’s been 2 years since then so we need to recertify. I incorporated kettlebell workouts into my routine this past April and signed up for the workshop in January 2024! As much as I’ve been preparing for it, I’m still nervous. I’m almost at the weight I should be for the certification, and I’m very close to pressing 18 kg (40 lb). Recently, I was feeling very frustrated and anxious because I’ve worked so hard, but I haven’t hit my goals yet. I still have a few more weeks to train and practice so I know I’ll be okay! I just have to keep positive and keep working at it, and I’ll get there! 🙂 I hope this story of my journey helps you get to know me better and inspires you in your own fitness journey!

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