My Go-To Products for Cold/Flu Season

It feels like we’ve been in this season forever now, but winter is usually when colds are going around. Here are my go to’s for when I have a cold: 

  • Umcka Cold Care – I take this for preventative measures or when I’m starting to feel slightly under the weather. I swear on this product! It helps prevent colds and reduce the severity of them. 

  • Zicam/zinc drops – These are also great for shortening colds. 

  • Halls/Ricola drops – These always helped soothe a sore/scratchy throat. 

  • Dayquil/Nyquil/Theraflu – Personally i find these the most effective in relieving my cold/flu symptoms. 

  • Emergen-C/Vitamins – I take a daily multi-vitamin in case I don’t get all my vitamins from food. I’ll take an Emergen-C when I feel like I need an extra vitamin C boost! 

  • Tea – I love tea, and drinking something warm is always soothing. 

  • Vapor Rub/Inhaler – If you’re having trouble breathing from a stuffy nose or cough, Vapor Rub and Vick’s inhaler are so helpful. The smell is really nice too.

  • Effervescent Vapor Tablets – I love using these when my nose is stuffy. Put one on your shower floor, and the scent helps open up your airways.

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