Nutrition Habit Ideas

A great workout and good night’s sleep are important in reaching your fitness goals. What about nutrition? Personally this was tougher for me to change. The changes I’d make were too drastic, or I wouldn’t stay consistent. 

Here are some simple nutrition habits to try if you’re just starting out!

  • Practice eating slowly – Put a timer on so you can pace your eating. It’s about eating slowly and savoring your food. 
  • Eat until 80% full. If you’re eating slowly you’ll get a better sense of how full you are.
  • Eat without any distractions – tv, phone, etc. This will help you be mindful while eating. 
  • Eat healthy fats – Try avocados, nuts, and oils. 
  • Incorporate complex carbs – whole grains, etc. 
  • Have protein with every meal – You can add in eggs of tofu.
  • Have vegetables with every meal – Try a stir fry or salad.
  • Follow portion guidelines – I love using my hand to portion my meals.
  • Drink a glass of water after every meal – This definitely helps you stay hydrated, keeps you full, and aids in digestion.

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