Prioritizing Rest

When it comes to the full scope of fitness, it is comprised of movement, nutrition, and regeneration. Of course we prioritize being active and eating well, but rest seems to be neglected. If you are not fully rested, your body can’t recover efficiently and the gains you were making with your workouts and nutrition would have gone to waste. 

Here are some tips to be fully rested and recharged so you can feel good, perform optimally, and achieve your fitness goals!

  • Get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep!
  • Practice good sleep hygiene
    • No electronics at least 45 minutes before bed 
    • If possible, keep electronics out of your room or reach
    • Meditate before bed (there are some good sleeping meditations on YouTube or the Headspace app!)
    • Keep the same sleep and wake schedule if possible 
  • Take a 20 – 30 minute nap if you’re feeling tired. Try and nap before 4 PM. Napping too late may prevent you from sleeping
  • Schedule breaks throughout the day
    • During these breaks you can walk, meditate, read, or anything you find relaxing 
  • Try meditating or breathing exercises. These will help activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is involved with resting and digesting.

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