Quick & Easy Sources of Protein

With increased physical activity, we need more macronutrients, especially protein, to help build and repair muscle. From my own personal experience, getting enough protein has been a bigger challenge for me. Here are some of my go to sources of protein I like to eat when I’m trying to hit my protein goal. 


  • Deli meats – I like throwing slices of turkey and making a sandwich.

  • Ground chicken/turkey – This is so easy to stir fry.

  • Eggs or egg whites – You can find egg whites in cartons.

  • Jerky – turkey or beef – You can get turkey jerky if you want a leaner option. 

  • Tuna – Canned or packet is fine.

  • Frozen fish, shrimp, or any meat – Thaw the night before and it’s ready to cook the next day! So simple and easy!

  • Milk – Good old milk is a great source or protein! If you are primarily plant based, I like the almond and cashew milk from Silk which has 10 g of protein! The chocolate flavor is amazing as well!

  • Icelandic Style Yogurt – This has tons of protein! If you can’t find Icelandic style, greek yogurt is good too.

  • Cottage cheese – You can add a little bit of fruit to this, and it’s a tasty quick snack!

  • Tofu – I love eating tofu if I want a vegetarian/vegan option.

  • Protein powder – If you are open to supplements, protein powder makes it so easy to get anywhere from 15 – 30 grams of protein in a shake. I recommend whey protein after a workout since it’s quickly absorbed by the body. 

  • Protein bars – When I’m on the go or really need to hit my protein intake, I’ll have a bar. I don’t eat these as often since they’re processed and may have added ingredients in there.


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