Scheduling “Me Time”

I recently learned a lesson about prioritizing myself. I am my most important client, and a few weeks ago I certainly didn’t treat myself as such. I felt really anxious and scattered. My attention was divided everywhere – from family, friends, and other clients. My energy was dispersed.

As a coach, I understand the importance of coaching, and met with my mentor for our monthly check in last month. We agreed I set an hour everyday for “me time.” During this time I have chosen to do activities such as: reading, journaling, playing the piano, coloring, and self-care. They may seem small, but these things make me happy and I’ve neglected doing them. I forgot to take care of me and do the things I love. I’ve had some issues respecting the time I have scheduled. There were days where I only did 30 minutes, had to split up the hour, or skipped entirely. I’m not perfect, but I’m definitely improving on scheduling me time and honoring it.

It’s been only a few weeks, but I do feel more like me. I am also more of an introvert so spending time and doing things alone has helped me recharge! Do you feel like you need to schedule in time for yourself? I definitely recommend putting it in your calendar and doing activities you haven’t done in a while or something new! It’s time to put yourself first!

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