Virtual & Online Training

Virtual and online training were gaining popularity prior to quarantine. Then when gyms shut down and in person sessions were not feasible, there was a major increase in clients opting to train online and virtually! During this time, we had to adapt from how we were training before and change it so we can still exercise but also stay safely in our households to slow the spread. 

In the first month of lockdown, I found sessions through Zoom to be awkward. I would be confused by my clients’ “left” and “right.” I also had to get very creative with verbal cues (since I can’t touch them), adapt to what equipment they had, and get used to the silence that was now present since there was no music from the gym. It took a couple sessions, but soon my clients and I became used to it and eventually loved it! It’s so convenient for both of us. My client gets their equipment, we get on Zoom, and we’re ready to go. There’s no leaving the house to work out, and there were less excuses to not work out (unless they were ill or injured of course). Training electronically has changed the fitness world forever. Now if clients are traveling or stuck at home, I can still train them virtually so they don’t miss a day! Even when I was out of town, I was still able to train them. It has also allowed me to train clients back home in the Bay Area, and this wouldn’t have been possible without virtual sessions. 

As for online programs, these are also done through electronically, however these are slightly different. I create workouts for clients based on their goals and put it on the app Trainerize. They then download and access their workouts from there. It’s less personal since they do not get one on one attention from me, but I do check in from time to time and have a 30 minute monthly check in. The app is convenient for both of us! They see the videos of the exercises, how many sets and reps to perform them, and can message me through the app. They can also track progress such as weight and circumference. I can even incorporate habit building such as creating a better sleeping environment or eating more slowly. My clients love how they still get personalized workouts from me but are able to do it on their own time. Once they’re done with the scheduled workout for that day, they mark it complete. They can also reschedule workout days in case they were unable to do the workout for that specific day. Online training also allows me to reach more people from all over the state, country, and world!

Even though in person sessions are slowly making their return, virtual and online training are here to stay! This week gyms opened, and I had an in person session which was great! It’s good to be back, but I still have virtual and online training available. I love having multiple services to help others get on their fitness goals! If you are interested in training with me virtually on Zoom or online via Trainerize, then message me for a consultation today. I am here to help!

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