What I’ve Learned From Cutting

I have nearly a week before I leave for Chicago and attend the kettlebell level 2 workshop from Strongfirst! For those of you who don’t know, one of the requirements is to be able to clean and press for one rep on one arm. I decided to cut to 112 lb so I can clean and press 16 kg instead of the 18 kg. In pounds, this is a difference of about 5 lb which makes a big difference! Instead of building strength to press heavier, I wanted to lose some weight and press lighter. 

I was sitting around 120 lb which is a comfortable weight for me. Aside from cutting for SFG level 2, I also wasn’t entirely happy with my body. I was strong, but I had indulged quite a bit during quarantine – didn’t we all?! I knew I could be better and healthier so I enlisted the help of my friend and fellow trainer Dana Sassenberg! I always say this, but even trainers need trainers. She’s provided accountability, encouragement, and knowledge all throughout my journey! This was my first real cut, and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish as much as I did without her! I am now sitting around 112 which is exactly where I want to be so it’s all about maintenance.

Here’s what I learned from my cut: 

  • You have more self-control and strength than you think – I love to indulge and thought I couldn’t control myself at times. It turns out I have more willpower to not eat certain things or go over my macros. It takes discipline, and I definitely have that!
  • Be patient with yourself – This is a process. Trust it and yourself. You’ll have some great days and some bad days. Look at the journey as a whole. 
  • Tracking food is similar to budgeting money – I didn’t want to weigh and track my food at first, but I realized if I don’t know how much I’m eating then how can I know if I’m overeating or undereating? This is very similar to budgeting and tracking how much money you make and spend. 
  • It takes more than just food to get to your goals – I had to be diligent about food, but also my sleep, water intake, and workouts. I now drink almost a gallon of water everyday and have been improving my sleep. It still needs work, but I’m getting better at sleeping enough hours every night! 
  • We can go further with the help of others – I am truly grateful for Dana being my coach in all this! I have learned how to cook healthier and be more mindful of what I put in my body. I also wouldn’t have gotten this far without her!


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