Personal Training

60 min personal training sessions
uniquely customized to you and your goals!

New to exercise?

Tired of being unfit, unhealthy, and need some accountability?

No more scrambling to figure out what to do in the gym! In these one on one sessions, you’ll learn how to use gym equipment, exercise safely and effectively, and achieve your fitness goals.

You’ll enjoy customized sessions based on your fitness level and goals. Improve your health and fitness with me, an experienced and friendly personal trainer!

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Improve your:

Cardiovascular health

Improve your health to prevent risks of many conditions including obesity, heart disease, and more

Endurance and strength

Become stronger and more fit so you can lift heavier objects and worry less about hurting yourself

Confidence and mood

Feel good in your own skin, and be proud of your body type

Session Details

Minute Session

This 60 min session is also tailored to your goals and fitness level. It includes the warm up, workout, and cool down stretch. With the extra time, we focus on strength training as well as cardiovascular health and stretching. This session is good for those with more time, want to really focus on particular goals, have a deadline they want to hit those goals by, or have a more advanced fitness level.

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