Fitness Trackers – Why You Might Want To Give Them a Try

Fitness trackers have gained popularity throughout the years, and it feels like we see them everywhere we go. The brands range from Fitbit to Whoop to fitness tracking capabilities on our smart watches!

I personally love tracking my fitness stats, whether it’s my heart rate, calories burned, steps, or sleep cycles – I love it all! During quarantine, I had a Whoop which was great. It doesn’t have a digital face where you can see your stats. It’s more just like a small heart rate monitor with an app where you can see your stats on your phone! I would say it’s great for athletes or those who have been working and training for a long time and want very specific measurements.

As of right now, I use my Samsung watch, and it works perfectly fine! I like it because I can see my stats on the watch itself, plus I can see texts and change songs without having to do it on my phone. It still tracks heart rate and sleep, which is all I need! For everyday use, I prefer a smart watch.

Why get a fitness tracker? You can see how many calories you’ve burned in your workouts, how many steps you’ve taken, the quality of your sleep, and so much more! It’s a great way to track progress as well. I love exercise science and getting data from my workouts makes me so excited!

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