Red – Yellow – Green Light Foods

We’ve been conditioned to label foods as “good” or “bad,” however, from my Precision Nutrition certification, I learned to label foods as red, yellow, or green light foods. 

Red light foods are foods that are a “no go.” They could be foods that make us sick, eat too much of, or something we need to completely avoid. For me, red foods would be ice cream and cookies. I don’t buy these at all because I know I will eat them everyday if I could.

Yellow light foods are foods we “approach with caution.” We can eat these in moderation. For me, protein bars and granola clusters are something I eat occasionally but would rather not eat all the time. 

Lastly, green light foods are foods where we can “go for it.” They make us feel good and are good for us such as vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. I’m stocked with frozen veggies (so I can always cook them if I need extra fiber) and fruits as a healthy snack. 

All of us will have slightly different foods for each category. Make a list for each color light and choose what you would like to eat more or less of.

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