Spring Cleaning: Your Space

This is by far my favorite thing to clean – my own personal space. I see my home as a sacred space where I can relax or entertain loved ones so I love keeping it clean. I am also a firm believer your physical world can affect your emotional world. When I’m stressed, I love decluttering. It makes me feel better. Here are some ways to clean up your space:

  1. Donate clothes or items you haven’t worn or don’t want anymore – I went through my closet this week and found some things I hardly wear or don’t really wear anymore. It’s astonishing to me how much I have but don’t really need. The excess items take up so much space and can be better used by someone in need. I have a bag filled with items I’ll be donating. 
  2. Cleaning all parts of your home – I decided to do this room by room to make it less daunting. The other day I swept and Swiffered the kitchen/living room area. Another day will be allocated to cleaning my room, and the next day will be the bathroom. I find this an easier and simpler way to clean your home.
  3.  Buy new cleaning products/switch up products – I realized I need more cleaning solutions so I’ll be running to the store to replace some sprays and wipes. I also recently bought a duster and magic erasers (these are my go-to’s for cleaning.)
  4. Vacuum and dust – Out of all the chores I loathe vacuuming! I think the idea of hauling something around to collect dust and dirt is annoying, but it pays off in the long run when the carpet in my room is fresh and clean. With my new duster, I’ve been finding areas that are overdo for dusting. 
  5. Wash/change up your bed sheets/blankets – I definitely don’t change up my sheets or blankets as often as I should so washing it regularly will keep your sacred sleeping space more fresh! You can even change up the detergent you use too!
  6. Light candles or burn incense – I love delicious scents so lighting candles or burning incense is one of my favorite things to do when I want my space to smell great! You can even use a diffuser too if you prefer that over a flame. 


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