Ways to Stay Motivated

I have less than a week before Strongfirst kettlebell level 2! There were definitely a few weeks where I was feeling so unmotivated and tired when it comes to my workouts and even my nutrition. Here are some things I’ve been doing to help me stay dialed in and “reel” it back in when I stray away.

  1. Find a good playlist – Sometimes music is all you really need to give you that boost before a workout!
  2. Listen to a podcast or read inspirational quotes – Honestly there’s nothing like hearing or reading some inspiration to get you fired up!
  3. Have a coach/friend hold you accountable – I’m grateful to have coaches and friends I can lean on for support when I feel like giving up. They provide advice and encouragement!
  4. Have a workout partner – Lately I’ve been having a friend join me for my workouts, and it’s nice having company working out with you!
  5. Train with a coach – As a coach, I enjoy helping my clients get to their fitness goals, and in order to get them there, I hold them accountable. I notice you work out harder when being trained by a professional. 
  6. Celebrate how far you’ve come – Look back at how much you’ve accomplished in this time and celebrate that! It was no easy feat so look at where you are now as opposed to how much farther you have to go.


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