December Recap

The holiday season always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling! This was the first December where I didn’t feel so stressed to produce or perform. When I was in school, we had finals so I always worried about acing my tests and papers. Then when I was working corporate, I was stressed about my numbers and getting as many training sessions as possible. December is tricky too since people travel and/or get sick. Fortunately for me, I had a good balance of work and play. Many of my clients were still in town, but I honored Christmas and New Year’s Eve so I didn’t work on those days!

My boyfriend and I bought a tree from Home Depot and decorated it and our apartment! I also had more time to spend with family and friends which was so nice. My family came down from the bay, and we spent Christmas week together! My youngest sister and her dog stayed with us too. It was so much fun having them, and we experienced what is was like having a dog which is great because we want one in the future!

The last week of the month feels like it goes by so fast yet time also seems to stand still. It’s such a weird feeling! During this time, I was able to relax, reflect on the past year (2023), and figure out what I’d like to accomplish in 2024. I also made a dream/vision board! Personally, I call them a future board! My client gave me the book #Futureboards, where the author, Sarah Centrella, talks about how she made her boards, changed her life, and achieved her dreams! They’re called future boards because this is what we want to manifest in our future. Fun huh? Luckily, I finished it a few days before 2024!

On New Year’s Eve, we went to the Korean market and got groceries to eat hot pot at home! It was so delicious and such an amazing night, spending it at home and bringing in the new year. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! Last month filled my heart with so much joy. I’m excited to see what January and 2024 will bring!

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