Easy Healthy Eating Tips

I hope you enjoyed my last blog post about warming up and cooling down! I figured I’d keep the fitness/nutrition tips going with my blogs so today I’ll give you easy tips on eating healthier:

1. Eat The Rainbow

Vegetables assorted as a rainbow

When it comes to eating, having a variety of foods is important! It prevents us from getting bored of eating the same things and allows us to consume a wide range of vitamins and nutrients from other food sources. So for your next meal, point out all the colors that are on your plate and see how many colors you can get in that day!

2. Use Your Hands to Control Portions

Calorie Counting Chart

I learned this tip from Precision Nutrition. Using our hands to portion out our meals is useful because our hands are a relative size to our body, and they’re always with us (or I should say come in handy haha). It’s a general estimate of how much carbohydrates, protein, and fats that should be eaten in a meal. The goal is to have you master portioning your meals this way, and then we can adjust the portion sizes as needed. For example, for a woman who would like to lose weight may take away a cupped sized hand portion of carbohydrates.

3. Eat Slowly To Prevent Overeating

Lady telling child to slow down eating

We live in a fast paced world and always seem to be on the go. The same thing happens when it comes to eating. We sometimes “inhale” our food so we can get to the next activity. By slowing down, it gives our bodies time to realize we’re full. If we eat too fast, we may overeat and the body won’t recognize this right away. Try timing how long it takes you to eat. You can use that as a baseline, and set up timers where you have the time at a longer duration.

4. Eat Without Distractions

Mindful Eating Graphic

Similar to eating too quickly, if we eat distracted we may also overeat. I too am guilty of putting on Netflix while I scarf down my food, but this distraction causes me to not notice how much or what I’m eating, and I typically eat more than I intended. By eating more mindfully, you can truly enjoy and savor the taste of your food.

5. There’s No Perfect Diet

One size does not fit all
All us are so different. Our bodies, genetics, personality, and perspectives vary so much from person to person. There is no one size fits all when it comes to the perfect healthy diet. You have to work with your body and see what works for you. I tell clients that sometimes it’s an experiment. We see what your body tolerates and takes well and what it doesn’t. Because our bodies are so different, we may respond differently to the same foods or diets. It’s also about incorporating your own taste and preferences. Some choose to refrain from meat because of environmental or health reasons while others can’t live without it. It’s about being flexible with what you enjoy eating and how you can relate it back to your health and fitness. Sometimes we tend to complicate things when all we need to do is keep it simple! We start off with the basics first and then we can move on to the more complex side of nutrition. I hope these easy tips help you make healthier eating choices! It’s about eating to live, not living to eat right?


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