First Quarter Recap

It’s already April?! My mind is blown thinking about how we’re already 4 months into 2021, and the first quarter of this year is officially done! Reflecting back on the past few months, I’ve set myself up for more success in this next quarter. I have my Strongfirst kettlebell level 2 certification this weekend! I’ve steadily trained for it and have been cutting so I can make weight and only have to clean and press 16 kg. It’s my first time really cutting and training for something. It’s been an educational and exciting experience to say the least! Recently I started feeling drained and losing motivation, but as my nutrition coach and friend Dana says, “now is not the time to step my foot off the gas!” Fortunately, I’ve found ways to keep myself motivated and accountable with the help of fellow coaches. 

On the training end, my virtual sessions and online training programs have kept me busy. Now that gyms are open, I’m training clients in person which has been so nice. It’s been great training and working out in a gym with all sorts of equipment and more importantly, in a temperature controlled setting. I remember having to schedule my workouts during times of the day where it wasn’t unbearably cold or hot. I also missed my coworkers and interacting with people in person. I will never take for granted the gym space or the people I encounter everyday ever again. 

I’ve steadily gotten busier in all aspects of my life, from work to my social life. I’ve been putting myself out there (socially distanced of course.) It’s been fulfilling to be able to meet others, even if it’s virtually or socially distanced. I’ve also been going out more as places start to open, from trips to San Diego to snowboarding in Big Bear. Life is truly meant to be lived, and I’m glad I’ve been enjoying it. I did notice I was feeling anxious and realized I was spreading myself too thin and not taking care of myself. I learned to fill my own cup before I can take care of clients, family, and friends. Overall this has been a great quarter, and I cannot wait for what this next quarter has to offer. It’s also spring which brings a sense of newness, life, and a new chapter of this year!

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