Healthier Cooking Alternatives

With the holiday season, our favorite seasonal treats are back so baking and cooking are at an all time high! 


Here are tips on how to cut down on excess fat, salt, and sugar. 


  • Decrease the amount of oil used – instead of 2 tbs use 1 tbs.

  • Use Pam non-stick spray instead of oil. 

  • Boil/steam/air-fry/roast vegetables instead of deep frying.

  • Put salt into the palm of your hand and then pinch/sprinkle desired amounts – Sometimes we can pour too much by shaking it from the salt shaker.

  • Choose broths/soups with reduced or low sodium – You can always add salt after.

  • Use a variety of spices – There are tons of spice mixes and herbs at the store that can bring so much flavor without so much salt. 

  • Use other forms of sweeteners such as Truvia or coconut sugar which is lower in the glycemic index/zero calorie. 

  • You can even use Agave instead of honey if you want something sweet and lower in the glycemic index

  • Use sweet spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to sweeten your drinks or snacks. My favorite flavor of sweet seasoning is from Flavor God in “Chocolate Donut.” I sprinkle this in my coffee, and it’s amazing!

  • Use unsweetened versions of milk.

  • Use whipped cream like Redi Whip instead of marshmallows in your hot cocoa! It’s only 10 – 15 calories and 1 g of sugar compared to marshmallows. 


You can still enjoy your holiday favorites while making them a little healthier! Try these out and let me know how they go!

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