My Staple Pieces of Workout Equipment

Many of our gyms are still closed so home gyms and workouts are here to stay! Here are some staple pieces of workout equipment (for when body weight exercises are not cutting it anymore.) I’ve provided the item and links for each! There are tons of alternatives out there so you don’t have to get the exact ones I’ve provided!


  • Foam Roller – If you have any tension or tightness, this is great to break up all those knots. I generally like using them before and sometimes after a workout. If you’re new to foam rolling, use a standard foam roller and then work your way to a Trigger Point roller or one with grooves. 

  • Mat – A good mat makes all the difference! I like thicker mats since there is a little extra cushion and support, especially if you do exercises on your knees.

  • Bands with handles – This set comes with a door anchor and different handles so you can do different exercises with ease!

  • Superbands – These are similar to bands with handles and work pretty much the same way. If you’re unable to get bands with handles, this is a great substitute!

  • Minibands – I love these for warm ups and muscle activation! They can also be extra resistance if you’re trying to kick up your squat and deadlift game a notch.

  • Dumbbells and kettlebells – These are my favorite! If you’re able to get your hands on free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells, get them! These aren’t absolutely necessary, but they’re definitely nice to have.

  • Massage gun – Again, this isn’t necessary either, but it’s a perk! If you’re unable to get a massage right now, this is a great alternative.

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