October Recap

Hi fitness family! It’s been far too long since I’ve last blogged, but I am back! I have so much to update you all, but here is a recap of my October. Last month, I decided to go into private training! I have always wanted to go private, but it wasn’t until the end of last year that I decided to go private before the end of 2023. 

Last fall, my sister had a moped accident, and my grandfather passed away 2 months after. I was so distraught and devastated. It was until then that I realized life was short, and how I was living my life wasn’t aligned with what I wanted my life to be. Fortunately, things are much better now! Maybe in a future post, I’ll talk more about what truly motivated me to have my own private training business, but for this post I’ll focus on last month. 

Going private was one of the most anxiety provoking things I have ever done! I had worked in a corporate gym setting for years, and I was so used to how their system worked, getting a paycheck every 2 weeks, and getting leads. I already had some private clients prior to transitioning and some clients followed me too. I am forever grateful to my clients and their support! The first few weeks involved a lot of adjusting and transitioning. I now make more house calls where I drive to clients’ homes, which is also different from what I was doing before. Despite all the changes, I have never felt so happy, empowered, and fulfilled. I make more money and have more flexibility. I am my own boss, and call all the shots! 

As of October 17th, 2023, Move with Marie is an LLC! I was and still am ecstatic! It’s really official now, and I even opened a business checking account. My dream came to fruition, and as scary as it was to take this leap of faith, it was so worth it! Besides business, I also spent quality time with loved ones. I went to the bay area to celebrate my mom’s birthday and spent time with family and friends which was so nice and much needed! My family and friends have been my support system since day 1, and I couldn’t have gotten this far without them. Overall, October was a huge transition month. As time goes on, I get more accustomed to running my own business, and I know it’ll just get better with time! 


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