Spring Cleaning: Your Workouts

Spring has officially sprung! It’s a new season where we clean our homes and wardrobes, but what about cleaning up your workouts, nutrition, and your space? This week’s blogs will be dedicated to changing our workouts, nutrition, and space.

When it comes to working out, how often do you change up your routine? Do they need some revamping? Here are some ways to freshen up your workouts:

  1. Change up the rep scheme – You’ve only been doing repetitions of 10 – 12? Why not switch it up and train for strength with repetitions of 6 – 8.
  2. Change up the exercises – I eventually get bored of doing the same exercises so why not change them up? It can be as simple as changing up the stance of your squat, tempo, or weights used.
  3. Add more rest days – Training 6 days a week? Maybe your body needs a little more rest. If so, add an extra day of resting. It can even be active recovery such as a light cardio day! 
  4. Add more workout days – Training 2 days a week? Add another day, even if it’s only 20 minutes of moving! 
  5. Try different ways of foam rolling – I have the Trigger Point rollers and balls and even a Hypervolt. Changing up the modalities for self-myofascial release can help you get rid of some unnecessary tension!
  6. Get new workout gear – clothes, equipment, shoes. Get some brighter workout attire or replace shoes that need replacing.


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