What I Eat In A Day

Lately I’ve had many of my clients ask me what I eat. It varies from day to day, but I generally have the same staple items in a week. I like sharing meal ideas with my clients and showing them they don’t need drastic changes to their eating habits to get results. Even with my cut right now, I’m still having a healthy portion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and consume roughly 1600 – 1700 calories a day. I also train with kettlebells 5 days a week and cardio 4 times  a week. (Remember eating healthy, working out, and sleeping well are necessary for the best results.) 

Here’s what I eat in a day: 

Breakfast: Quaker instant oatmeal, banana and a latte or Celsius (I love caffeine and enjoy drinking it before my workouts.)

Snacks: Fruit, beef jerky, Trader Joe’s Skyr Icelandic yogurt, Kyoku protein shake, peanut butter, Special K red berries cereal with almond milk – It’s delicious and actually a great way to get my carbohydrates in.

Lunch & Dinner: Quinoa or rice, ground beef or turkey, with some vegetables. This week I made asparagus and cauliflower rice. I also generally eat the same, if not similar foods for lunch and dinner.

I typically keep things very simple. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! I also snack quite a bit since I’m usually on the go. In addition, I weigh my food on a scale and input them on MyFitnessPal. It’s a little more work, but it’s definitely helped me see what I eat and cut down to 112 lb. I hope this has helped inspire your future healthy meals!


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