What Supplements I Take As A Trainer

From pre-workouts to proteins, supplements have become very popular in recent years. How effective are these supplements and should you be taking them? Before taking any new supplement or vitamin, I highly recommend consulting with your physician beforehand as some vitamins can interfere with medications. It would also be helpful to get a full blood … Read more

Cardio Vs Strength Training

When it comes to working out, most of us either gravitate more towards cardio or more towards strength training, but in this post I talk about how important it is to do both! Let’s go over the differences between each. Cardio is an activity that increases your heart rate and involves repetitive movement for a … Read more

How To Stay Active On Vacation

Spring break is here, and summer break will be here soon too, which means vacation time! Vacations are great for resting and recharging. It’s also a great way to stay active. Here are some ways to get movement in while you’re away: I hope you found this week’s post to be helpful! For more tips, … Read more

The Importance Of Foot Health

It might sound weird, but we need to take care of our feet! We walk and move on our feet everyday, yet it’s probably the least cared for. Each foot has 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Considering we have a total of 206 bones in our body, … Read more

Benefits of Using A Sauna and Ice Bath

Saunas and ice baths have gained a lot of popularity. From athletes to celebrities, we see people using saunas and ice baths all over the internet. Is it worth the hype? There is still ongoing research on their benefits, but I wanted to list the potential benefits of each! Also please consult a doctor before … Read more

How To Get More Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber is so important for our digestive health and regularity. The recommended amount of daily fiber is 25 – 30 g of fiber from food. I understand how challenging it can be to get enough fiber, but no worries. Here’s a list of how to get more fiber in your diet! I hope these tips … Read more

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Hi there! I recommend clients to drink lots of water, and I always get asked what are the benefits so here’s a list of why you should drink water! The recommended daily water intake is to drink 0.5 fluid ounces per pound of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 150 lb, then you’d … Read more

Tips For Getting A Great Night’s Sleep

Hi friends! Today I wanted to talk about sleep. Sleep is probably the most underrated and neglected part of our health. It’s so crucial for our physical and mental health, hormone regulation, mood, and recovery. Here are some of my favorite things to help me fall asleep easily and stay asleep! Give these tips a … Read more

Sports Drinks – Are they worth drinking?

Growing up, I remember seeing Gatorade commercials everywhere! It seemed to be the drink of elite professional athletes. I never paid much attention as to what was in them until I was older and studying Kinesiology in school. Typically these drinks have sugar, electrolytes, and vitamins. The purpose of these drinks is to keep you … Read more

What I Eat In A Day

Lately I’ve had many of my clients ask me what I eat. It varies from day to day, but I generally have the same staple items in a week. I like sharing meal ideas with my clients and showing them they don’t need drastic changes to their eating habits to get results. Even with my … Read more