Why Even Coaches Need Coaches

As a coach, I am responsible for getting my clients to their fitness goals, teaching them new exercises, making sure they are keeping proper form, and most importantly, holding them accountable. We all know being consistent with your exercise and nutrition habits will lead you to results. It can be challenging to hold yourself accountable, which is why it’s nice to have the support of a coach. I believe everyone can benefit from a coach, even as a coach myself! Coaches motivate, teach, devise a specific plan to reach your goals, and support you the entire way!

If it were not for fellow coaches, I wouldn’t have nearly as much exercise knowledge as I do now! I would not be who I am and where I am if it were not for my fellow coaches. We learn, help, and keep one another on track. From my personal experience, I have worked with a life coach for my business and personal growth as well as personal trainers to help me towards my fitness goals. Knowing I’ve paid for sessions, made me more motivated to show up to our sessions and do the work. I want to make the most of what I paid for. I also did not want to let my coach down. If there was a business/marketing assignment or exercise homework I needed to do before our next meeting, I would be more likely to do it. I know they have my best interest in mind, and I trust that they would get me to where I want to go. They are also professionals in their field and have so much knowledge. If I had a question about something, they could answer it for me or advise me on how to do certain things.

In addition, coaches help you discover the motivation behind your goals, set realistic goals, and give you a defined step by step plan to achieve your goal. I love training with other coaches because they take the thinking out of working out. If I were to coach myself, then I would have to sit down and create my own workouts. With the help of a coach, they do that for me! I show up, do the exercises, and I’m done!

Coaches are your cheerleaders and genuinely care about what they do. No matter how you’re doing or how you’re feeling, they are there to support you. They believe in you when you might not believe in yourself. There were so many times I didn’t think I could perform an exercise or hit a specific business goal, but they believed in me, and I was able to do it! They raise the bar. They know your potential and expect a lot from you because they know you can do it.
Coaches are here for you! With their expertise, planning, and support, they can get you to where you want to go more efficiently. They help you stay consistent with your habits so not only do you reach your goals but create a healthier lifestyle!


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