What Supplements I Take As A Trainer

From pre-workouts to proteins, supplements have become very popular in recent years. How effective are these supplements and should you be taking them? Before taking any new supplement or vitamin, I highly recommend consulting with your physician beforehand as some vitamins can interfere with medications. It would also be helpful to get a full blood panel done to see if you are deficient in certain vitamins, and your doctor can help with that.

As for workout supplements, there are only 3 that I would recommend and why. This is based on my own fitness journey and something I want to share with you all. These are just suggestions!

Caffeine – I do enjoy the taste of caffeine and how it makes me feel energized and focused for my workouts. I usually don’t consume more than 100 mg (roughly a cup of coffee) a day and stop consuming caffeine after 12 PM. I also drink tons of water since caffeine can be dehydrating or is not as hydrating as water.

Creatine – There is evidence that creatine can help improve performance, improve recovery, and increase muscle mass. I feel like my endurance is better when I take creatine, especially when I’m doing anaerobic kettlebell workouts.

Protein – If you can’t get enough protein from food, then I recommend drinking a protein shake or eating a protein bar. I’m usually on the go, and sometimes it is difficult for me to get enough protein so having protein powder or a protein bar really helps me reach my protein goal!

These are the supplements I take and why, but please consult with your physician and do your research prior to taking any of these.

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